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I love this! In reading I for some reason start thinking about the ending of the song "25th floor" by Patti Smith:

"the transformation of waste is perhaps the oldest pre-occupation of man. man being the chosen alloy, he must be reconnected—via shit, at all cost. inherent with(in) us is the dream of the task of the alchemist to create from the clay of man. and to re-create from excretion of man pure and then soft and then solid gold.

all must not be art. some art we must disintegrate.

positive (anarchy must exist.)"

I wish I could create-or not create just because I feel like it. Something abut that freedom has been lost, or exchanged for money, when I started WORKING with images and words and SELLING my stories. I don't think it will be lost forever, but I try to let myself feel some grief and longing for that freedom anyway.

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