I didn't listen to your melody all the way through the first time I read your post. The music turned out to be pretty intense. Today when I listened to it with headphones, I was suprised to find your melody give a lot more context to the emotions you describe in the text. The music starts to feel very personal, it's like a rollercoaster ride of emotion.

I admire you for how vulnerable you are willing to make yourself by writing such an open text. While I have similiar emotions towards the matters of unrequited feelings and attraction, I can't imagine being ready to cut myself open like you have. Yet. Maybe If I have the right angle.

You continue to inspire.

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Thank you for sharing your impression. It's interesting to hear that some emotion carries through the melody, since I only know how I feel while playing it but can't know how someone else listening will experience it. I think that being in a silence for many years has led up to the need to open up now. But I don't think I was ready to do so before this. Maybe you also need to respect whatever phase you are in,and take it as it comes. I think there are times for being in silence and processing on your own, and times for trying to open up that process and share what you found. That time may come later. For me, I felt it as a pushing from within, and now I'm trying to let it flow out, best I can..

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